Our Local Plumbing Service Provider

We were about to open up for our real estate auction day and just when it was almost time for the prospective clients to arrive, we had a huge problem with sink in the kitchen, it was acting up and wasn’t working properly.

We live in the city and as many know, it’s near impossible to find a plumber in Northcote just when you need one! Plumbers now a days are so full, they’re actually rejecting jobs, can you believe that?!

We didn’t know what to do because we were so close to opening hour and people were about to start gathering outside the house. That’s when we called up Plumber MS.

Nick understood our situation immediately and had arrived within the hour to get our plumbing fixed. He had a look at it and knew exactly what had to be done. He fixed the burst pipe and was in and out of the door within minutes.

For all those looking for the right plumber, we would definitely recommend the plumbing services by Plumber MS. These guys are honest, extremely fast and best of all, they understand what their customers need and get your plumbing fixed in no time!


Customer Service: 5/5
Quality of Work: 5/5
Would You Hire Again? YES!
Overall – 5/5