Greater Toronto Painters- A Reliable Painting Firm?

Greater Toronto Painters is a fairly new painting company based in Toronto, ON.   Their owner started the company a couple of years ago, and they’ve slowly been expanding their operations.  The name obviously refers to the fact that they serve Toronto, and its surrounding areas.  Their ability to service multiple locations is a big winning factor, as many painters refuse to go out of their small service areas to look at a job.


Their services include interior and exterior painting for a variety of consumers, including commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

Additionally they also provide color and finish consulting, drywall repair, and a bunch of other services which you can find on their website at

Greater Toronto Painters

Customer Feedback

One of our friends had recently gotten a basement painted with Greater Toronto Painters, and was very happy with the job done.   He contacted us to tell us about his experience.

Looking online, there aren’t that many reviews of their service.  However, they are a new company so that’ll probably come as they mature.

From what we’ve heard from our friend, they did a professional job.  We decided to double check by giving their owner a call, and asking questions about a tough job he had.  He was very knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about.  In essence, he’s an experienced painter, and not someone who’s in the industry to make some quick cash and get out.


The company checks out.  Give them a call, since the owner was very professional and a gentleman.  It’s pretty rare to find contractors with an ability to listen to customers.